Visual Analysis Device

Delivering standardised, rapid, and accurate analysis

Deimos Grain Analysis Machine

How it works

The Visual Analysis Device is a compact device designed to streamline laboratory or sampling hut processes.

The device efficiently handles processing a standard grain sample accomplishing the visual analysis in just 2 minutes. Its printer-sized form conveniently rests on the bench, offering standalone processing of results. Notably, the device has a self-cleaning mechanism utilising contactless high-pressure air. Additionally, it boasts automatic calibration features, guaranteeing consistent and accurate measurements and with user-friendly attributes, marking a significant advancement in laboratory equipment.

Deimos Grain Analysis Machine



Deimos Grain Analysis



Deimos Grain Analysis



Visual Analysis Device

Deimos Grain Analysis machine with Machine Learning


High speed processing

Rapid visual sample processing boasts an average turnaround time of 10.000 kernels in less than 4 minutes. The machine accelerates the assessment process and significantly avoids incorrect grain classification by thoroughly examining the entire sample, setting a new standard for speed, efficiency, and comprehensive analysis.

Double sided image capture

This feature can capture images from both sides of the grain sample and provides a holistic and comprehensive data analysis. By considering multiple perspectives, the machine enhances the accuracy and depth of its research, ensuring a thoro ugh examination.

Repeatable, and verifiable results

Designed to deliver repeatable and consistent results, the machine ensures reliability at every iteration. By adhering to a meticulously crafted analysis process, Deimos guarantees that the results are consistent and verifiable. This commitment to reliability instils confidence in the accuracy of the grain quality assessment.

Interactive touch screen

The Visual Analysis Device features an intuitive and interactive touchscreen interface, facilitating user-friendly operation. This interactive platform streamlines the process and allows users to view all visual defects on the screen. It’s a tool designed for seamless interaction, ensuring straightforward interpretation of results.

Individual object analysis

The Visual Analysis Device analyses each kernel within the sample. This level of granularity provides detailed insights into the quality of each grain, enabling precise quality control. Deimos redefines the meaning of accuracy by offering a level of individualised analysis previously unseen in grain assessment technology.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

AI and machine learning allow us to solve a long-standing challenge in the classification process, eliminating subjective testing. By learning from data patterns and user feedback, the machine evolves dynamically, enabling continuous improvement and adaptation.

A future where innovation, speed, and precision set new benchmarks globally.

Industry impact

We are setting new benchmarks for efficiency and precision in the grain industry through standardised, rapid, and highly accurate sampling methods.

We are redefining the traditional approach to grain sampling. This state-of-the-art technology is poised to streamline and elevate industry practices, ensuring our clients benefit from a standardised, rapid, and incredibly accurate sampling process. By collaborating with CBH Group, we have harnessed the power of automation to enhance productivity and reliability in grain analysis.

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This will depend on the bulk handler and if their technology has the ability to link with the software used in the machine.
The machine prioritises data security by not storing any information on the device. Penetration testing has been conducted to align with CBH standards.
The machine can analyse various grains commonly produced in Western Australia’s broad-acre cropping industry.
The machine meets industry standards for precise and reliable grain analysis.
The machine is crafted with user-friendliness, featuring an intuitive interface and straightforward instructions for easy operation.
Absolutely. The machine offers real-time data and analysis results, facilitating immediate integration into grading systems for enhanced efficiency.
Regular maintenance is minimal, typically involving the removal of dust particles. The design prioritises simplicity to ensure ease of upkeep.

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