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At Deimos, we’re not just looking for employees—we’re seeking collaborators, innovators, and problem-solvers. Our team comprises out-of-the-box thinkers, intrinsically curious minds, and relentless problem-solvers.

We value diversity, embracing individuals with unique perspectives and talents, and offer flexibility and accommodations to support everyone’s needs. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a self-taught enthusiast, if you’re passionate about pushing boundaries and making a difference, you’ll find a home here. If you’re excited about turning ideas into reality and shaping the future of technology, explore the exciting career opportunities at Deimos and join us in our mission to innovate and create positive change.

Production Manager

Lead the production of new automated sampling technology. Shape the future of grain analysis and join a dynamic team driving innovation in tech.

3D Printer Operator / Manager

Manage the fleet of 3D printers, ensuring all production is checked, maintained, and the machines are running at peak performance.

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