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About Deimos

At Deimos, our mission is clear yet ambitious: to craft impactful solutions that push the boundaries of innovation and technology.

We specialise in designing and developing cutting-edge technologies that solve complicated problems. With a dedicated team of experts and a commitment to improvement, we approach even the most challenging projects with creativity, insight, and precision.

Our Difference

What sets Deimos apart is our diverse team of technical experts, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table.

From industrial design to engineering and software development, our team members work seamlessly to tackle challenges, leveraging their combined expertise to drive innovation.


Using the latest advancements in technology, data science, and artificial intelligence, we push the boundaries of innovation.


We use iterative design and rapid prototyping to bring ideas to life quickly. This agile methodology allows for swift testing, refinement, and adaptation.


Our team of engineers, designers, software developers, and machine learning specialists blend their skills to tackle challenges and solve problems.


CBH Group

CBH Group

Deimos’s collaboration with CBH Group marks a pivotal step in reshaping grain analysis with the Visual Analysis Device, a cutting-edge solution born from CBH’s industry insights and our technological expertise. Through rigorous testing and real-world trials, we have developed a game-changing tool that sets new standards for efficiency and accuracy in grain assessment. This partnership underscores our commitment to innovation, driving positive change in agriculture and beyond.

Phobos Consulting

Phobos Consulting

Collaboration lies at the heart of Deimos’s innovative approach, which is evident in our strategic partnership with Phobos Consulting, a leader in AI and machine learning solutions. Together, we’re revolutionising technological landscapes, leveraging Phobos’s expertise alongside our own to develop ground-breaking solutions. Through this collaboration, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, creating cutting-edge tools that drive efficiency, accuracy, and progress.

Our team

Deimos Andrew Hadfield

Executive Director

Andrew Hadfield

Bachelor of Science UWA, 2002

Deimos Jeremy Hadfield

Executive Director

Jeremy Hadfield

Bachelor of Science & Technology UWA, 2003

Deimos Peter Hadfield

Executive Director

Peter Hadfield

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Curtin, 2005

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